CMWC Mexico Recap

On July 22, 2014 by Derpsey

Well its been a few weeks since we have all been back from mexico , and it has been a much needed few weeks to recover from what went down over there.

WE all had an amazing time. SAFA absolutely killed it with the event. great people , great food , cheap beer and cheaper miscellaneous items ;)  Most of Team AUS flew straight into Guadalajara for the pre event / group ride. Guadalajara was a definite highlight for all of us. we defiantly learnt the hard way how easy it was to loose your self in mexico Both physically and mentally. I personally lost my Bike within 24 Hours of being in Mexico. i “came too” in some family owned bar that no one spoke english at. The Boys must have abandoned me somewhere…

The Group Ride from Guadalajara to Mexico City was one of the hardest things i have ever attempted. we were all suffering. Richie (Pants off Richie , Gargamel ,Spittie Magee) completed this ride with a massive split in his back rim and fuelling off no food and dexies. Even though it was hard , we went through parts of mexico that were unbelievably beautiful. We finished the group ride with a 20 KM downhill into Mexico City and it’s safe to say that we were going absolutely nuts.

Mexico City was a different story. we were there for the world championships but that did not stop our urge to push every possible boundary we could. Some Succeeded some Failed. Thanks to Joe , Richie and a local Mexican friend i scammed my way out of mexican prison for urinating on the street. Justin (our afro sexy devil) managed to meet up with a Swedish NFL Player. She followed him round for the remainder of the trip, they were pretty damn amusing. Smokin Joe Came 10th in the world which we were all kind of expecting. Our own Timmy Shakeshaft Killed coming in 6th in the world. Legend!

Team Aus and a few other crazy cats then departed to Tulum to spend a week on the beach drinking margaritas and watching the world cup. it was well worth it. a few of us hired these little scooters and pinned them round ruins , off road dirt tracks and freeways that we were banned from. they were pretty sketchy little things. i lost my scooter key in a Big Cenoté which is a large pool. not a good time!

In Closing to my overly large essay , Mexico was an amazing trip for all of us. there were times we got into our own little messes but managed to get ourselves out of it. wouldn’t have wanted to travel there with any other group of guys. we rode hard and partied harder.

We are all Fully Recovered and are now straight into full swing for the CMWC 2015 Pre Event. its going to be epic. stay tuned. we will see you all here down under very soon.



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Paddy won the award for Team Aus most valuable drunk

Paddy won the award for Team Aus most valuable drunk


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Best Buds

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