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Dates:  27th March , 28th March , 29th March

CMWC may well be in Melbourne in 2015 , but Sydney is obviously the superior city.

Sydbma are hosting a pre event to show the world how it’s really done. There is also an optional group ride to Melbourne in time for the CMWC.

Why Sydney ? I may be a tad biased, but Sydney is a fucking rad ,beautiful place and the current crop of Sydbma couriers are a bloody tops bunch of blokes (and ladies) who will all chip in to make this a memorable trip for you.

It will be cheap as chips. Everything in Oz is expensive. Travel, accommodation, food, alcohol, tobacco… everything you will find is quite pricey in our country. BUT there will be ample beds/couches/tents/bus shelters for you to sleep in/on and we will supply as much food/alcohol as we can to make your trip as cheap as possible.

Sydney Events. We plan to cram a lot of events into the little time that you have in our fair city. There will be races, alleycats, footdown, hill climb, sprints, trackstand, sack race, beer drinking, etc.. All at picturesque harbour and beach locations.

 So register early, get your arse to Sydney, and get a fuckin’ dog up ya!

- Richie “Gargamel” Low.


Registration Hyde Park
Find the courier scavenger hunt
Welcome Alley Cat presented by Smokin Joe
Welcome Party

Breakfast – Last Minute Rego
All Day Alley Cat / Side events
Saturday Night get your pants off Party

Day at Pymont
– Wharf Jump
– Sack Race
– Cricket
– Beer Drinking
– Clink and Drink
– Pink Belly
– Pie eating challenge

* Events and Venues not finalized

Contact us at :

CMWC 2015 Pre Event LOGO