Group Ride





Dates: 30th March , 31st March , 1st April , 2nd April

Sydney to Melbourne is a long way, so we will plan a route that should  take in some of the nicer parts of the NSW south coast, and bus/train it the rest of the way.

The ride will be about 4-5 days. We will stay at campsites and caravan parks along the way to keep the cost down. If beautiful, clean surf beaches are your thing, then you’re in luck, because you will be passing about 60 of them.

Most of the campsites will be right on the beach, which is always nice to wake up to. A lot of the Sydbma crew did the group ride from  Gudalajara to Mexico CIty and it elevated our trip from a simple bike courier shenanigans to an epic adventure.


Important info:

You will all receive a print out of a Map telling you where to go. Its pretty hard to get lost though , all you do is ride South.

We will have Support cars so you wont need to cary any gear.

We will be Camping so if you have a Tent bring it. If you don’t Sleep on the ground ( we can accommodate for about 15 people in our own tents but you Must let us know before)

There will be some additional costs for campsite bookings food ect. We will make it as cheap as possible.

Ride is easy as fuck – Mild hills Flowing coastal roads you all will love it

You will be passing Beaches the whole way down. If you want to go for a swim thats fine, Keep in mind this is Australia , If you cant swim well your fucked, If you can, you’ll probably get eaten by a shark , whale or a crazy Afro Sexy Devil. Never the less. Always Swim Between the Red and Yellow Flags.

Most group Rides i have been on has a fair amount of faffing and wasting time in the mornings. If you want to take your time getting up in the morning thats fine, WE will Leave you!!  The faster we leave the More time we get to sit on the beach at the end of the day drinking beer. its up to you to be proactive in the mornings. We will have a special Firework display in the mornings for people who sleep in (courtesy of Derpsey).


Day 1 sydney (Sutherland) to killalea state park 81km

Day 2 killalea to kings point 120km

Day 3 kings point to narooma 126km

Day 4 narooma to horbart beach 86km

Night of day 4 horbart beach to Melbourne 618km (bus)

*please note it is still early days so stops may change. 

**but I don’t think they will change much 

So register early, get your arse to Sydney, and get a fuckin’ dog up ya!

Contact us at :

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