CMWC 2015 Pre Event


Registered Riders:

Andy NINE M’Cockmack – AU

Nico Deportago-Cabrera – US

Paddy Jones – AU

Dinah Griese – DE

Morgan Allen – US

Cecilia Worlen – SE

Mario Lopez – US

Alex Valentini – AU

Kell Mckenzie – US

Nicki Bullock – AU

Crihs Dell – US

Radoslaw Barczak – PL

Nikki Munvez – US

Herve Jacquemin – FR

Patrick Sudduth – US

Henry J Pallet – AU

Lucas Brunelle – US

Nikko Schifano – AU

Andy (Bird Lobsterman) – AU

Fred Marshall – US

Marius Hoeckel – AU

Jorja Creighton – AU

Erica Porter – AU

Dravis Bixel – US

Smokin Joe – AU

Lachlan (Gobbles) Sherif – AU

Bruno Leonard – CA

Anselm Holthaus –  DE

Falko   Wieblitz     – DE

Darcy Travers – AU

dirk  beh…   -DE

reinier woltjer     –  NL

Josh    Reinhardt   – AU

Croix   Frigo    –   US

Kelly   Pennington  – CA

Tim     Shakeshaft   – AU

Bjorn   Warloe     –  US

Allan   Shaw  – GB

Kelsey Phillips -US

Robert Bigelow-Rubin – CA

Jaroslaw Zak – PL

Nicke Burnett – AU

Jarek Zak – PL

Vince Jewal – CA

Jorge Kluge – NZ

Phil Weber – GB

Jordan Grizevicius – GB

Fuego (Drop It) Fabrice – Paris

Clement Courtial – Filhol – Paris

Paul Kennedy – AUS

Safa Brain – AU,MEX,UK,SA,Moon,USA

Matt Savoia – USA

Brendan Mill -AUS

Dan Fuller – AUS

Raphael Pfeiffer – CH

Julian Yogi -AUS

Max Gerbash – AUS

Sebastion Ross- UK

Ryan Kelly – USA

Matt Face – USA

Joshua Poland – AUS


CMWC may well be in Melbourne in 2015 , but Sydney is obviously the superior city.


Sydbma are hosting a pre event to show the world how it’s really done. There is also an optional group ride to Melbourne in time for the CMWC.


Why Sydney ? I may be a tad biased, but Sydney is a fucking rad ,beautiful place and the current crop of Sydbma couriers are a bloody tops bunch of blokes (and ladies) who will all chip in to make this a memorable trip for you.


It will be cheap as chips. Everything in Oz is expensive. Travel, accommodation, food, alcohol, tobacco… everything you will find is quite pricey in our country. BUT there will be ample beds/couches/tents/bus shelters for you to sleep in/on and we will supply as much food/alcohol as we can to make your trip as cheap as possible.


Sydney Events. We plan to cram a lot of events into the little time that you have in our fair city. There will be races, alleycats, footdown, hill climb, sprints, trackstand, sack race, beer drinking, etc.. All at picturesque harbour and beach locations. 

Group ride . Sydney to Melbourne is a long way, so we will plan a route that should  take in some of the nicer parts of the NSW south coast, and bus/train it the rest of the way. The ride will be about 4-5 days. We will stay at campsites and caravan parks along the way to keep the cost down. If beautiful, clean surf beaches are your thing, then you’re in luck, because you will be passing about 60 of them. Most of the campsites will be right on the beach, which is always nice to wake up to. A lot of the Sydbma crew did the group ride from Gudalajara to Mexico CIty and it elevated our trip from a simple bike courier shenanigans to an epic adventure.


So register early, get your arse to Sydney, and get a fuckin’ dog up ya!

– Richie “Gargamel” Low.


CMWC 2015 Pre Event LOGO